He’s Not Ready for a Relationship? Say THIS

Things were going really well with this guy and then he dropped a bomb… “Uh, the truth is…I’m not ready for a relationship.” You’d been doodling his name in your notebooks. Telling all your friends about your hot new boyfriend. Picking out curtains for the house you knew you’d move into together. And NOW he…Read More

5 Dating Lessons From the Infinite Wisdom of the Band Tool

Photo Credit: Tool Thirteen years. Thirteen LONG years I’ve been waiting for the next album by the rock band Tool. That day has finally come with their release of Fear Inoculum (Spotify or Apple Music). Tool is infamous for poetic, profound, thought-provoking lyrics around life’s deepest subjects. As ridiculous as it sounds, I owe a lot…Read More

How to End a Relationship With Love and Compassion

Today’s article on navigating breakups comes from my close friend Jason Connell. Jason is a psychotherapist and meditation teacher in training. He is also a world-class consultant in leadership and professional speaking. He’s always thoughtful and he’s the perfect person to tackle this sensitive subject. — Earlier this year: I’ve failed. In my hand is…Read More

The 5 Biggest Breakthroughs Men Got From Our Madrid Retreat

Note: This article was originally written for Reconnected — a new connection coaching company founded by Julian Reisinger and me. In September, Julian and I hosted our confidence retreat in Madrid, Spain with Kristina coaching alongside us. Madrid has everything you’d expect about Spain. Warm weather, even warmer people, and legendary food. Even the non-Spanish…Read More

5 Lies You Tell Yourself About Meeting Women

Putting yourself out there in new social situations is hard. It’s even harder when you’re putting yourself out there to find new romantic connections. You’re exposing yourself to potential judgement, rejection, and heartbreak. So to protect yourself, it’s natural to tell yourself made-up stories. You think it’s not worth trying or nobody will be interested…Read More

How to Spark a Connection When There Isn’t One

I’ve heard it time and time again… “We’ve gone on a couple of dates but I still don’t feel any chemistry. We’re just missing that spark, you know?” The spark. The spark. Oh that elusive spark. You can’t put your finger on it…but you KNOW when it’s there and you definitely know when it’s not.…Read More

Why Is Eye Contact Important Anyway?

“You’ve to look people in the eyes.” “Always hold eye contact when you introduce yourself.” “Eye contact is the key to a good first impression.” By the time I was 21, I had heard everything self-improvement advice had to say about the importance of eye contact. And even though it was repeated over and over,…Read More