What Does FWB REALLY Mean? 7 Hidden Definitions

If you’re not looking for a relationship right now (or are tired of going out with guys who don’t want one), you might be considering a FWB situation. A…whaaaa? If you haven’t heard this term, let me illuminate you: FWB = Friend With Benefits Basically, this is a guy you hook up with, where there…Read More

3 Big Mindsets to Winning the Long Game in Dating

There was a time when I loved digesting every little thing about dating. It was all so addictive. When you first discover you CAN actively get better with women and grow your confidence, it feels like uncovering ancient texts to find the holy grail. You become obsessed thinking that if you just find the right…Read More

5 Weird Signs He’s NOT Into You

You scratch your head when it comes to how guys act sometimes. You THINK the guy you’re dating is into you…but he acts odd often, and you want to know why. Is he too shy to reveal his true feelings? Does he not know how to handle such a fabulous woman? I can’t vouch for…Read More

4 Things Men Desire But Would NEVER Ask For

Does it sometimes seem like what men want and what you want is COMPLETELY opposite? It’s easy to assume that guys just want hookups… …to jump out of bed and head home right after being intimate… …and zero commitment. But I’m here to tell you, you might actually be surprised at the things men desire.…Read More