7 Weird Kissing Mistakes That Turn Men Off

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How to Find True Love in 7 Simple Steps

Most of us have no trouble finding someone to date or be in a relationship with, but how to find true love is a different story.  What do I mean when I say true love? I mean the one. True love is about finding your soul mate. The man you want to live your life with,…Read More

5 Signs He’s Dating Other Women [RUN!]

Have you ever started dating a new guy and wondered how to know if he’s still dating other women? It’s totally acceptable for him (and you) to be seeing other people up to a certain point. I’m all about keeping your options open until you find someone special who is worth giving up your singleness…Read More

17 Fun Things to Do Tonight

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7 Playful Ways to Make Him Miss You

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A Woman’s Guide To Finding Love

Dating after 50 can be a challenge; I mean, dating at any age has its ups and downs. Maybe you’re newly single, you’re out of practice when it comes to dating, or you’ve never really dated much at all. The way we date has changed significantly over the past ten years, and online dating can be intimidating…Read More