5 Texting Signs He’s NOT That Into You

5 Texting Signs He’s NOT That Into You

Ah, the good old days. When a man would hitch up his wagon, drive hours to spend just a few minutes with a special lady, likely in the company of her entire family, and then ask for her hand in marriage.

Now you’re left with one dude after another who bulk swipes right on all women, ghosts, and then is too weak to just tell he’s not that into you.

Those prairie days seem kinda great, am I right?

Dating is tough. Every person has a different way of communicating, and you have to learn the equivalent of a hundred languages just to figure out what every guy is thinking.

Throw texting into the mix, which can be hard to translate emotions through, and you’re even more confused. But I have worked with enough women to identify several signs via text that he’s not that into you, and I share those in this video.

It can be all to easy to ignore signs like these when you’re looking at him with love blinders on. But if you pull back and pay attention to how much effort you’re putting in versus how much he’s putting in, you’ll quickly be able to determine if he’s not that into you. A man who is into you makes an effort to get to know you and will hold up his end of the conversation.

Have you experienced any of these signs he’s not that into you via text? Share them in the comments below.

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P.S. If you need help balancing the number of texts you send to what you get from him, check out my Little Love Steps program, particularly the one about pacing the relationship.

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