He Has a Girlfriend But Is Still Pursuing Me? HELP!

He Has a Girlfriend But Is Still Pursuing Me? HELP!

It’s damn hard to find a great guy these days. Am I right?

But what happens when you meet a guy who seems perfect for you, only…he has a girlfriend?

And he’s still pursuing you.

WTF?! What do you do?

This video was inspired by a member of our community who was being pursued by a man with a girlfriend. Add to that the fact that she was divorced with kids.

If this situation has happened to you, you know that it can be tempting on one level because here’s a guy who is interested in you and you in him. That’s not all that easy to find.

But think about what future you might have with this man. Whether you would ever be able to trust him. I’m betting not.

In this video, I help you pick apart this situation so you make the right decision for you long-term.

Have you ever been chased by a man who had a girlfriend? What did you do?

Your Coach,

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