THIS Mindset Will Attract the Man You Desire

THIS Mindset Will Attract the Man You Desire

When it comes to trying to attract the man you desire, do you find yourself chasing emotionally unavailable guys?

You probably don’t do this on purpose, but look back at the last few guys you went out with.

I’ll wait.

Yeah. You see a pattern, don’t you? Maybe he was slow to respond to your texts…

…dodged the whole “what are we” conversation…

…or was clear that he was also dating other women.

If you’re serious about finding a long-lasting, loving relationship, you’ve got to break this pattern. How do you do that?

Intentional dating.

In this video, I explain how you can intentionally date, as well as how you need to shift your mindset so that you break out of that frustrating pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men. Implementing this new mindset will help you zoom toward learning how to attract the man you desire.

Share a comment below: do you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men? What are you willing to do to break out of that habit?

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P.S. Intentional dating is a huge part of the 7 Little Love Steps. Rather than looking for a man in a bar, you can learn to be intentional about looking for high-quality men in the right places. Start the course to learn more.

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